How do I handle a customer's account after an auction or after they have moved out and still owe money?

The following is one way to handle a customer's account after you've auctioned their unit contents. 

1. On the tenant's account, post any payments that have been collected or received from auction/sales/etc. (These are often cash or check and will count as revenue in your reporting.) Make sure that if they have multiple units, you are using the check boxes on the "Make a Payment" page to apply the funds to the correct unit. 

2. Next, enter a credit on the account in order to write off the remaining balance. You can apply a credit on the account in the amount of what is owed so the balance will be zero. The note for the credit should be "bad debt write off" and these credits can be referenced on the "credit without payment" report for tracking purposes. (A credit can be added by clicking "Add Credit" under the "Make a Payment" option on the customer account.) 

Scroll down to the bottom of the customer's billing history, and click on Mass Void Unpaid Line Items. Voiding the invoices indicates that the money was never due, so it is often advisable to put a credit on the account for legitimate bad debts. 

3.  You can now move the customer out of the unit and archive the account. 

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