How do I manually charge a fee?

Manual fees can be used to add unpaid rental or late fee balances, one time fees or charges, or fees for services or labor to a customer's account. 

If you would like to invoice your customer for a physical product that can be inventoried, please follow these instructions instead: Retail Sale or How to Charge for a retail product.


Follow the steps below to invoice a manual fee/fees:

1. Log in to the management software.

2. Locate and open your customer's profile (You can use the Search Bar in the upper right hand corner, or go to the Customers Tab > All Customer's).

3. Once you have their profile open, click on the Fees/Products button on the top menu of the customer profile.

4. In the Add a Fee drop down, select the appropriate fee using the drop down menu.

If you do not see the correct fee listed, you can click Manage Manual Fees in the upper right corner, or go to Setup > Fees to add additional fees that are used at your facility. You can also select any of the fees, and change the name to reflect the correct fee category. 

5. Fill in the fee name, amount, tax, add a description that will explain to the customer what this fee is for, and why they are being charged, and the due date for the fee.

Please note: If the due date is set for a future date and the customer has an active payment account, the manual fee will be paid automatically if this box has a checkmark beside it to Automatically Charge Account On File.

The tax options are pulled from Setup > Tax Rates. If you are not seeing the correct rate, go to Tax Rates to add or edit the rates that you currently have installed in your software. 

6. Click Add Fee. If you have more than one fee to invoice on the account, you can add more than one fee before saving by going back to the drop down menu and repeating steps 4 and 5, if you would like.

7. Once you have added all fees, check your summary, confirm the total, and click Save if everything looks correct. 

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