What should I do if payments fail due to an error connecting to the network?

ESS software is cloud-based and depends on the internet infrastructure to access the cloud. Like anything connection-based, outages and service interruptions can occur when there are IP address or server issues. Connection errors are typically outside of the control of the ESS team.

If an outage happens during Recurring Billing, such as on the first of the month, it could lead to a number of payments failing. In the event of a connection failure, failed payments will show the message: Error Connecting to Network.

If this occurs, follow the instructions below to rerun the failed payments:

1. Click Reports.


2. Click Failed and Declined Payments. 

failed payments.png


3. Look for Error connecting to the network in the Message column to identify impacted transactions. Click on those tenants' name(s).


4. Click Make a Payment to reprocess the payment.

make a payment.png




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