How do I enter a prepayment?

Entering a prepayment will advance the next bill due date on the account instead of leaving a credit for the system to slowly draw from over time. This means the customer will not receive notices such as "Invoice Reminders" until their prepaid term is finished (their next bill due date) and they are ready to be billed again.

1. Click on the Customers tab.
2. Search for the customer that you are making the prepayment for.
3. Click on their name to go to their profile.
4. From their profile click Make a Payment.
5. Check that the correct unit is selected if the tenant is renting multiple units and then click Prepay.


6. Select a Prepaid Plan from the options in the dropdown or choose Custom if the tenant is paying more than 1 month ahead.


7. If you choose custom:

a. Enter the Monthly price before discount (this is what the customer pays for rent each month).
b. Edit the billing cycle (how many months they are prepaying).


8. Choose the payment method: Credit card (one time card), ACH, Cash, Check, Card Swipe(Collected Externally).
9. Review the Prepayment Summary box to review the information input above and click Make Payment.

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