Offsetting the billing date for a customer on recurring billing

You can enter a different date other than the due date to charge the customer for recurring billing.


Follow the instructions below to offset a tenant's billing date. 

1. Search for the tenant’s account.

2. Click Recurring Billing.

3. Enter the number of offset days. The offset does not include the due date. For example, if the tenant's due date is on the 1st day of the month and you set the billing offset date to "4", the tenant's payment account will automatically be charged on the 5th.

4. Click Update.

Please note: If the customer has a current invoice due on their account, the billing date offset will NOT start until the following month. If an invoice has been generated and the payment needs to be charged on the new offset date, pause the customer's recurring billing and manually process the payment on the offset date.

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