Easy Storage Payments: Failed payments

The most common reason for payments to fail is due to an AVS (Address Verification Service) mismatch

How do I know if there is an AVS mismatch?

The Decline Error can show as "Do no honor", "credit card was declined", etc.

Why is this happening? 

When a credit card payment is being processed, the billing address associated with the financial institution that has issued the credit card has to verify with the address being provided by the tenant when payment is being made.

What should I do?

Credit Cards

If the card is a credit or debit card, then the address being provided during the one time credit card payment or on the recurring payment account is NOT the address associated with the credit card.

It is advisable to delete all recurring payment accounts the tenant has on file and create a new payment account with all the correct billing address information.
Note: If the cards continue to fail, the tenant will need to provide a different form of payment.
The facility is charged an authorization fee/per transaction fee for every failed credit card attempt. It is not advisable to continue to process the payment prior to making necessary updates.

Gift Cards

If tenants are attempting to use a gift card, the card has to be registered prior to attempting to make the payment. Correctly registering the gift card updates the card with a billing address.

Gift cards can only be used if they have a credit card logo displayed on them and even with that are not guaranteed to work.





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